what others have to say about Lois Gibbs

Speaking Conference

Lauren Jackman, George Mason University, VA

“Thank you for coming back!  The students were riveted and I know they will not forget your discussion. They were all very anxious to talk about your presentation with their groups.”

Douglas Dockery, Harvard School of Public Health, MA

“Thanks again for coming up to participate in our Voices from the Field webcast.  I gave a talk the other day to a large audience on Earth Day.  Many students commented how inspired they were by your talk.  I thought it was the clearest and most articulate discussion of leadership skill we have ever had.  I am honored to have been on the same platform with you and to serve as your foil.” 

Marilyn Welker, People for Safe Water, OH

“I want to say thank you again--for spending a day with us, for lending your voice of experience and encouragement and wisdom, for giving your weekend so generously, and for giving us an injection of ‘success infection’!”

Her Approach

Teresa Vick, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, NC

Lois’ support of our work brought hope to people and empowered communities across the state of North Carolina. As a staff person, having the opportunity to watch Lois work was also energizing for me.” 

Dr. Daniel Faber, Director, Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative, MA

“Lois Gibbs has empowered residents in thousands of communities across the United States to join the movement for environmental health and justice.  A true visionary and passionate speaker, she is undoubtedly one of this country’s most important grassroots environmental activists, and has literally changed history.” 

Joe Chowaniec, Director, Program and Event Development, Environmental Services Association of Alberta, Canada

“Thank you for speaking at RemTech 2014.  Your presentation was awesome and a great way to start our event.”

Kurtz, Bellefonte Sustainability Team, AL

“Without the strategic knowledge and skills and high quality training session, I don’t think we would have honed effective, focused messages, and launched a major publicity campaign that helped us start to win our campaign.”

Judith Enck, EPA Region 2 Administrator, NY

“If there is not a strong and strategic grassroots component, you don’t win.  To achieve environmental health protection, it’s absolutely essential to have a grassroots organizing component, and that’s why the effort is so essential to the work being done in communities around the nation.”

Jim Pirko, Regional Environmental Alliance for Community Health, OH

“Citizens who are facing losses in health and property values, caused by well-financed polluters, too often lose their battles while going through the ‘learning curve.’ There is so much they need to know immediately: science, legal processes, organizing, fundraising, and surviving the stress of fighting for their homes and community.”