Training & Organizational Support

Training Designed for Your Leadership & Organization

This highly regarded curriculum based on 40+years of experience, is tailored to meet the unique goals, strengths, and challenges of leaders and organizations. Each comprises of interactive learning experiences for adults at any level of formal education and experience. Tailored sessions for example, can include board development, strategic planning –organizational or campaigns – membership outreach, fundraising efforts, skill-training. Click here to see a list of examples of the types of sessions offered. Many others are available as well. Let us know what you need at [email protected].

Costs Are Flexible Sessions costs are flexible based upon your organization’s financial ability. Clients however, must cover transportation and lodging costs.

Publications, Videos & Resources

Videos –

The Love Canal Story of Leadership | Lois Gibbs | Voices in Leadership Harvard University 

Lois Gibbs explains how her leadership and those around her built a strong powerful organization.  With lessons learned throughout the struggle. 1st lesson – leaders never make the decisions. Check it out.

Historical video real footage of the struggle at Love Canal by local CBS station (with permission).

Live footage from 1978 through 1980’s of the events, people and news around the crisis.

Framing Your Message

This training call helps you craft message and influence the people you need to help you win! Is your cup half empty of half full? Is the facility a sanitary landfill or a nasty dump? Does the facility produce energy or pollute with toxics? The first group to frame an issue is the first group to control the debate. This training call will focus on strategies to help you both craft your message and to make sure this message reaches your target audience.

Individual Donors

Raising funds from individual donors can be helpful for grassroots organizing for many reasons: it can establish a stable and consistent base of funds, expand your volunteer base and spread the word about your cause, help push policy and change that you are striving for, and more. Join us for a conversation to learn more strategies for unlocking the power and stability that having individual donors unlocks for grassroots organizers.

Messaging and Media

Messaging has always been important. But today, with texting campaigns, social media, and virtual organizing we need to think smarter than ever about our messages. The Messaging and Media training helped participants build skills to create messages that make a difference – messages that inspire, galvanize, give voice, and gather power. To win, messages need to resonate with the people that need to be influenced. This can be done by exploring successful ways to craft messages for a campaign.

Strategic Planning 

Strategic Planning is critical to winning your fight. Lois has over 40 years of experience in building, strengthening and winning campaigns at all levels.


Superfund 35th Anniversary Report


2016 was the Anniversary of the signing of the Superfund Bill. Reports summarizes what the program is and is not accomplishing.


Organizing Handbook

This guidebook provides tools on how to build a strong organization and define winning strategies.


Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

Too often Corporate Polluters file nonsense lawsuits against individuals or grassroots groups. Most are thrown out of court before the first hearing. Find out more in this publication.


Fight To Win!

Why reinvent the wheel or move forward with little understanding of what works? Ideas and case examples of how groups across the country have organized themselves, their strategies and tactics.


Relocation - Getting Organized & Getting Out


Sometimes the only answer is move the families. What if some families don’t want to leave? Defining the line defining who can go and who cannot?


How To Deal With A Proposed Facility?

Learn the lessons from years of experience on how to stop a BAD facility from coming into your community.


Empowering Ourselves

Women make up 80% of the environmental health and justice movement.


Environmental Testing

You think you have a problem and want testing. Where do you begin? What do you ask for? This guide can help you to find answers.


Community Health Surveys

If you are interested in conducting a community health survey – read this guide to learn the pro’s and con’s before you start.


Safe School Siting Tool Kit

Too often schools are being built on or near place that will expose students and staff to dangerous environmental chemicals. This guide will help by providing criteria for where schools can and should not be built. Every School Board should follow these guideline or better stronger criteria.