Training Designed for Your Leadership & Organization

This highly regarded curriculum based on 35 years of experience, is tailored to meet the unique goals, strengths, and challenges of leaders and organizations. Each comprises of interactive learning experiences for adults at any level of formal education and experience. Tailored sessions for example, can include board development, strategic planning –organizational or campaigns – membership outreach, fundraising efforts, skill-training.

Below is a list of types of sessions we offer - including many others available as well. Contact us and let us know what you need at [email protected].

Costs Are Flexible – Sessions costs are flexible based upon your organization’s financial ability. Clients however, must cover transportation and lodging costs.

Building an Effective Community Organization

A small set of residents have been working for months on an issue. Now local leaders want to create a more formal group that can share the work, responsibility, and direction of the effort. Learn how to involve an active, broad-based group of people, work smarter not harder, raise money, and increase your organization’s profile and power.

Involving and Keeping More People

People often say that their community is apathetic, even in the face of environmental threats. Over three decades of first-hand experience proves differently. This session explores why people get involved and new approaches that encourage community involvement for the long haul.

Establishing an Organizational Decision-Making Structure

Strong groups spend time developing a working structure for running the organization. A good structure helps a group make decisions, allows for full member participation, and holds people responsible for tasks and actions.

Developing a Powerful Strategic Plan

Power mapping is vital to understanding who has the power, how to create political strength to reach your community goals, identifying allies, creating strategies and a menu of approaches to involve many different types of people and organizations.

Crafting an Inclusive Message

In our fast-moving world, a clear and inclusive message matters. This session builds skills for how to frame your issue to attract more people in your community, proactively create pressure on the opponents, and train those speaking to the media to stay focused and on message.

Fair and Powerful Coalition Building

This training includes discussion of structure, handling power dynamics and conflict within coalition efforts, and working on a common goal with multiple types of tactics.

Successful Fundraising

This session covers how to raise money through foundations as well as other strategies. Participants learn how to create fun events, relieve the pressure on leaders, and raise money while educating the public.

 Building an Effective Board

Create a board that goes beyond the people who helped start the organization, bring in complementary skills and connections to stabilize the group, grow, and raise funds to resource your work. This workshop is especially good for groups that have been around for a while.

Long-Term Organizational Planning

Multi-year plans and goals help your volunteers; board and staff stay focused, prioritize their work, and know where they are heading. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you arrive?